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January 5, 2008

2008: A New Start for ForeverBee

ForeverBee--Travel. Guides. Photography. Fun.I have had too many iterations of this website--countless versions of ForeverBee in various shapes, forms, and designs.

Once upon a time ago, it was my personal website. You know, about who I am, what I wanted to do sort of things (well, I was younger then). Soon after, it morphed into a personal plus travel photography website. And later, it evolved into an independent travel guide website about traveling in Malaysia and Asia. It never flourished, so I ignored it. It's my step-child as I invest all my heart and soul into my baby Rasa Malaysia--a food blog--which is hugely popular and successful.

However, 2008 marks a fresh approach and a new start, I hope this time around I am able to stick to my vision and plan. I wanted to turn ForeverBee into a hub where I share my travel, travel photography, insider travel guides (if and when I have time to do so), random, and fun stuff. I will share a lot of pictures I captured during my trips--be it home to Penang or elsewhere on Planet Earth. Hence, the taglines of this blog are "Travel. Guides. Photography. Fun."

Ultimately, I expect this to become my photoblog, a place where I can share random stuff other than recipes and food photography.

If you are a fan of Rasa Malaysia, do support me and I hope you find this blog interesting, too. Please also add ForeverBee to your Blogroll or links. :)

Hang around and let's have fun.

Thank you so much!